CB750K Engine Cover Screw Kit

I offer the kits as direct replacement for the original screws, meaning that hex-head bolts are replaced with hex-head bolts, and pan-head screws can be replaced with either the classic Phillips-head (European) screws for that original and classic look, or in the hex socket (Allen) screw for easy torquing and a more custom look.

If you want to replace all hex-head bolts with hex socket (Allen) screws for a total custom look, there is a slight upcharge required – contact me for details.

All screws are top-quality stainless steel.

One kit includes 85 pieces to replace the screws in every external engine cover from the head to the oil pan, and it even includes the screws UNDER the breather cover and in other often-missed places.

Check out the Images page to see the quality of the stainless steel.

Shipping, handling, and insurance in the 48 states is a flat $11.00 USD. International shipping, handling, and insurance is a flat $21.00 USD in most cases. Specify hex head or classic Phillips when ordering.

CHECK OUT the CB750K Front End kit I also offer!! Replace those rusty screws with Stainless!

Preview Image

Note Specify the screw head type in the special instructions to seller in the PayPal checkout page.



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  1. Hey – does your CB750K engine cover screw kit come with load bearing washers? I just had my top end rebuilt and it still leaks like an old man. My mechanic who did the top end rebuild says that it’s probably because there are currently Allen bolts without washers on the engine cover. All gaskets are new. Would your screw kit fix that problem if I replaced all Allen bolts with your Phillps screw set including washers?

    • My kit comes with washers for some locations, all are top stainless steel as well. I would suggest you replace the allen head screws without the washers with a new allen head set (they are much easier to torque down!!) with washers. You just need to request washers for every screw and I can price you a kit that has that.

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