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All prices are in USD.
Complete Engine Cover Stainless Steel Screw Kits

Front End Stainless Steel Screw Kits

Flat rate shipping, handling and insurance charges:

  • USA $11.00
  • Global $21.00



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  1. Do you supply these kits for other Honda antiques?
    Such as FT500, or TL125?

    • Hi John,

      While I have not yet made any sets for these other antique Hondas, I am confident I can if you would like a custom set. I can provide a pricing estimate if you can get back to me with the details about the quantities and sizes for the bike in question.


  2. In the CB400F kit, are all the bolts that hold the cases together included, or just the bolts for the covers?

    • The set only includes the screws for the covers. If you know what size and how many other screws you need, I can do a custom set for you.

  3. I’m rebuilding an old Honda, a 1974 XL175 and I’m looking to do stainless on everything possible (that’s visible). Would you be able to put together a set for me?

    • Yes, if you can tell me what sizes and quantities you need.

  4. Hello, on your home page you mention kits for CB 350 twins. I have a 1971 K3 model. is this kit in the works. If so any idea of ETA. Thanks

    • I can check, I do remember doing one set in the past. There has not been a great demend for them. Of course I can always customize a set if you have a list of the screws you need for the bike.

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